Simon and Willow – November 2013

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A little feral colony started to develop in a Concord neighborhood. Thankfully, two neighbors took note and started to help them by fixing the adults. When three little kittens wandered into Daphne’s backyard, she scooped them up and brought them inside. The little gray kittens were about 6 weeks old and she fostered them in her home office and took them to her vet. At about 10 weeks old, she reached out to CC4C for help in finding them forever homes.

Daphne told me one was a bit shy and holding back, and conveniently a retired co-worker had called me that same day wanting to foster a kitten for a little while. So Minerva was split off from her siblings for some one-on-one for a couple of weeks. Gail did a wonderful job with her– it was her first time fostering and a skittish kitten is a challenge. But after a couple of weeks when I reunited her with her siblings at Daphne’s, I could see a huge difference in Minerva. It is often best to split off the shy kitten from the rest of it’s litter like this so that it has to bond with people and socialize.

We got the kitties fixed, tested, finished their vaccinations and worming meds… kept showing them at adoptions for many months. While they are beautiful kitties, the right home didn’t come along until November for Simon (formerly Dash) and Willow. Their new mama had this to say…

Nov. 18: “They slept well and are already coming to me.  Especially Dash aka Simon. They seem to be settling in quite well. Thank you guys for all that you do.  Without your work I would not have been able to give these precious little ones a home.  Please let Daphne know they are in very good hands. She looked a little sad yesterday.”

Simon & Willow

Simon & Willow

Daphne also followed-up with more progress from Minerva in her foster home…

Nov. 19: ” First of all, I am so thrilled that Dash/Simon & Willow have found a good home, and all looks good so far that this will be their forever home!  I just want to let you know that we can’t believe the change in Minerva. Since coming home Sunday, she has been following me around the house like a puppy. She hates being alone in the room so we let her have the run of the house when we are home. (I can’t risk having her escape thru the pet portal when we are away.)  She now lets me pick her up a lot more and even comes and snuggles with us on the couch! She is probably always going to have that jumpy/defensive side but she is definitely adoptable.”

Their new mama contacted me a few weeks later asking for some advice; conveniently she lives just down the street from me so I offered to come over in the evening. I gave her a few pointers and was very pleased to see how well they were settling in.

Dec. 3: “Well well well. You are officially the kitty whisper in my book. Simon and Willow have both been coming up to me tonight. Simon just got up on my lap and sat down with lots of petting and purring. Your visit made such a difference. Thank you again”

A month later, Minerva’s lucky day came along! A young couple came in, asked about her, but she wasn’t there that day. I called Daphne, who was returning from the airport with her son for the holiday break from college, and she said she could be there in an hour. The young couple lived close and said they’d come back… and they did! The young couple had experience fostering shy kitties before and understood kitties who approached on “their terms.” By the next day they already sent an update…

Dec. 15: “Just wanted to give you a little update on the kitties. Minerva is doing awesome, she eats in front of us, she’s purring when we pet her, she ignores the dog and doesn’t mind the baby. She’s already exploring and found her favorite spot on the couch.”



Dec. 17: “Minerva is doing great, she’s still a little shy but opening up a lot, she’s already playing with little mice toys and scratching on the kitty tree. She gets more interactive each day.”

I let Simon and Willow’s new mama know that their sister found her forever home too, and they have continued to settle in as well!

Dec. 23: “Simon and Willow are adjusting quite well and seem happier every day.  I’ve been reading a lot about feral cat behavior which has helped. They are both now sitting on my lap in the evenings (one at a time) and they like playing the cat fishing application on my iPad. So funny! I’m happy to have adopted them. They are providing a lot of company and make me want to stay home all the time.  I look forward to coming home to them and waking them up first thing in the morning. They have met several of my friends and each time have stayed in the living room and played with visitors. They definitely got treats for being such good kitties. No more scratches either.  Both times they were afraid and trying to get away from me. I have learned better how not to accidentally scare them and suffer the repercussions!  They really are precious.”



Simon & Willow

Simon & Willow



A very happy ending for all three siblings! A big huge thank you to Daphne for patiently fostering them for almost 5 months until they all found their forever homes.


Jan 2015: “I moved to Raleigh NC and I worked with civic feline who boarded Willow and Simon while I was moving and went into a hotel for a week.  Then they medicated them the night before and the day of the flight. The vet techs said it took three of them to medicate Willow and they would suggest I never try it by myself.

We are all settled in. I bought a new home that is triple the size of my little rental in Walnut Creek.

Willow and Simon trust me more each day, especially after the trek across country.  I did the same thing. Set up a safe room for a few days and let them tell me when they were ready to come out. We got here late Friday night and it took a few days but they slept with me last night. Quickly adapted.

It’s been a challenge with them but Simon is a big lap cat. They follow me everywhere and they still are best friends.  Both are very loving.  The only time they scratched me was when I startled them and they were trying to get away from me. Not aggressive at all. So rewarding to watch them trust more and more.

I’ll send a recent photo in another email. Keep up your good work. “

Willlow sleeping on the bed a few days after their big move.

Willow sleeping on the bed a few days after their big move.

In their new home, Willow and Simon found a safe spot in the closet high on a shelf.

In their new home, Willow and Simon found a safe spot in the closet high on a shelf.

The Adventures of Chip and Cookie

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Chip and Cookie were adult siblings that finally found a forever home together– and the perfect one for them!

These were kittens that four CC4C volunteers went out to trap in a woman’s backyard.  Ann wanted some kittens pictures in the wild to use for advertising.  So it sounded like an easy job so we all trucked out there to do our thing and found the woman had NOT described it well and the babies had a very good hiding place that we couldn’t get to.  Then the woman left for 10 days.  Then when she finally returned, I was on the phone to her and she said “yeh, they’re here.”  I made plans to go out there but before that time came up, she called me back and had changed her mind and decided I couldn’t trap in her yard.  Too afraid of liability risks.  Took us more than a month to track them down in the neighborhood but finally someone responded to my signs and she was game to help.  Got them all.  I still have mom who allows herself to be pet but not adoptable.

The adopter has written some lovely anecdotes that we get to share.

September 18

Chip is such a character – he’s still so little even though he eats like a piglet.  His nickname is “tidbit” and it suits him perfectly.  He ADORES being in my lap or tucked up under my chin, and he now tolerates little kisses on his face. Cookie has taken much longer to relax around me but she takes her lead from Chip, as Stacey predicted, and she no longer bolts when I come near her.  I have noticed that since she’s been back from Stacey’s Cookie has started to seek me out – still very tentative, but she jumps up on the bed and just stares at me with such a quizzical expression or gives me a long look from the armchair next to the bed.  As I write this, both are cuddled together in their heated bed and giving me “come play with us” looks.

Evenings are most precious – they have learned “treat-treat” which typically means diced deli chicken from Whole Foods.  After dinner, they are ready for lap time if I sit on the floor.  So, most evenings, this has become our ritual.  I get ready for bed and then sit on the floor to watch TV or listen to music and cuddle the kitties. During the night, they may visit my bed or, if I wake up, they both stand by the side of the bed begging for attention. It’s a pretty funny sight and – yes – I have been known to get out of bed at 3 am and play with them!

I’ll forward you some pictures of “tidbit” and “her sweetness.”

Thanks so much for your kind matchmaking – I just couldn’t be happier with my new kitties.

September 18 later in the day

Chip’s gums seem fine but he has his vet trip in early October so we’ll see what the expert says.  He chows down on dry food so I guess nothing hurts and his breath smells fine – no stink.  I realize what you mean by the shy ones are the hardest to place. I was really down in the dumps for the first couple of months then, out of the blue, Chip decided I was OK and that was that.  He was in my lap from that moment on.  Cookie has taken much longer, but the pace has picked up in recent weeks and she is now quite comfortable around me.  Neither one likes it when I tower over them, so my trick is to get down on hands and knees and approach them with a lower profile.

My friends and I agree that there is nothing more calming than to stroke your cat in a quiet house at the end of a busy work day.  We also agree that you are never alone if you have cats – you have solitude, not loneliness. My younger sister will visit in a couple of weeks to meet Chip and Cookie – she will be their caretaker if anything happens to me.  She’s also a cat person and recently lost her elderly Siamese to cancer.  Her house is cat-less at the moment so she’s coming over to my house for her feline fix.  Another sister says she’d like to live with just cats – wonder what she plans to do with her husband, daughter and great big ole’ dog!

Cookie has the most beautiful eyes – so expressive.  I wonder what she’s thinking when she just stares at me.  She does this a lot – I’ll look around and catch her watching me from across a room, from under a glass-topped table, from a doorway while I’m getting ready for work.  You were so right to have them adopted together.  They play together constantly – their face-washing devolved a moment ago into a wrestling match.  I don’t mind leaving them alone during the day when they have each other for company.  Cookie is exquisitely attuned to Chip’s behaviors and is calm when he is calm, frisky when he’s frisky, and in my lap if he is.  Chip gets such comfort from Cookie – she holds him when they cuddle. Her arms are around him and Chip is curled into her like a baby.  I’ve come downstairs on these warm evenings to find both curled up together – ying and yang – on a fuzzy floor pillow I put in front of the low dining room window.  There are any number of cozy sleeping areas, but they always are glued together on just one.  Oh, I’m so totally gone over these two little things.

I’ll let you know what the vet has to say about them when they have their check-ups.

September 19

As for these two precious little bundles getting out of the house – that’s my nightmare.  They don’t rush the front door when I come home, and if I have people coming and going (baby shower, for example) both are safely locked in the bedroom and everyone knows not to open the door.  Both will get microchips very soon, but that hardly matters if they get out and run into the hills adjacent to my condo.  They’ll be some predator’s snack!  My primary responsibility is to keep them safe.

This whole adoption experience has been so uplifting!  First, you responded so quickly and so kindly to my first email to the CC4C website back in late March. I was heartbroken that evening when I learned that Charlotte was dying and your compassion was such a comfort. Then, I got to meet Stacey and her two darling little fosters.  Now, Stacey and I have formed a friendship around Chip and Cookie which is delightful for all of us.  Stacey keeps “our” babies safe and loved when I need to go down south for family events.  Best of all, I share my life with two sweet cuddlebugs.

If anyone wonders if “free” cat adoptions have the same outcome as paid adoptions, I will tell you that money had nothing to do with the devotion I feel toward Chip and Cookie.  I don’t care for them less – or take my caretaker role any less seriously – because I got them for free. They are solidly mine to love and nurture for the rest of their lives – I couldn’t be happier about it!

September 19 later in the day

These two are the best fly killers around – if one gets in the house, it’s a free cat toy.  Funny you should mention screens – I deliberately keep windows cracked enough for a breeze but not wide enough for the cats to accidentally push out a screen and fall out.  Ditto for the patio door – just in case they learn how to move the screen with their claws.  Charlotte was a master at this.

Thanks for the advice on kitties on the loose – hopefully, I’ll have the same record with these two that I had with Charlotte and Clarisse.  In 18 years, they only tried the outside once each – and they didn’t get far because the non-slip surface on the landing hurt their little paws. Talk about your princess and the pea!  Each took just a few steps and then hunkered down and howled until I picked them up. Neither ever went near the door again.


Henry – adopted December 2013

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As a cat rescuer, I obviously care a great deal about helping cats and I have a big heart. I fall in love with all my fosters– the easy ones, the quirky ones, the challenging ones.  I will admit, it is a little bittersweet when they are adopted because they all hold a special place in my heart. However, I can’t keep them all so I am always so very happy when the right home comes along for them.

There is one location that I have been helping at for three years. Some of the neighbors  are more concerned about the stray and homeless cats than others, some are kind but unreliable. Either way, there are many that need help. I first got involved because a woman asked a few questions at our adoption site about where a product was in the store… when we got to chatting I learned that she had rescued a mama with four baby kittens from the ivy and one was missing his back foot. I promised to help her, but I couldn’t take them because I had kittens recovering from ringworm at my house. A few weeks later, I found a foster through a Craigslist ad who was willing to take in all of them. After three days she e-mails “hubby wants to keep Stumpy” the one missing a foot, and they kept the sister. Whisper, Lady Bug, Stumpy, Charlie and Tigger all found wonderful homes. I also rescued another adult later that year, Luigi, who got a fabulous home– big huge awesome tuxedo!

The next year, the original person I helped called me again… she found another kitten who was very sick and more were coming around. The sick kitten was taken in by Civic Feline and one of the vets kept her (although she had to have an eye removed). I gave the woman traps and figured we’d start doing trap-neuter-return. We fixed some but she kept trapping cats with clipped ears– a sign they have already been fixed as a free-roaming cat. Upon further investigation, we discovered a colony of over 30+ cats, many already fixed, but there were still kittens about. I ended up taking 18 kittens from there, many sick with an upper respiratory, and with the help of another CC4C member got them into foster homes and adopted. We continued to trap and fix another 9 adults and I pulled one very friendly snowshoe, Charles (now Reagan).

I knew we hadn’t gotten all the adults, but we weren’t having success trapping them because of fences and other physical barriers. So this year, I got another call– three more kittens and a mama plus a few other adults. We quickly trapped two kittens, Henry and Bridget, who were older than I expected– about 4 months. Thankfully, they were not feral! They had been fed with the other stray cats so they seemed to trust people. Henry was purring up a storm in no time for me, although Bridget was more reserved and skittish.

Bridget (Berry) and Henry

Bridget (Berry) and Henry

Bridget was quickly adopted by a woman who recently adopted another kitten from me a few months before. Jingo needed a buddy. She was renamed Berry and we worked via e=mail for several months to continue her socialization since she had some defensive instincts from surviving outside.

“I just spent my second night with Berry sleeping right near my head all night long, no treats involved. I’ve never had a cat who wasn’t totally promiscuous with its love so Berry is something new for me but I have to say, it is even sweeter to get love from her since it isn’t given lightly. Ayyyyy, I love this little girl so much!! She brightens Jingo’s world and mine. I can now say unequivocally that she was the perfect choice and I’m so grateful she is the one I ended up with. Thank you so much for your help and suggestions with taming her. There is more work to do but there’s no question anymore that she will become a totally tame and totally affectionate cat and I bet she is going to end up being even more affectionate than Jingo. She loves being petted sooooo much. Thank you for bringing these two wonderful kitties into my life. I’m so grateful for them, and last night when the wind was blistering so badly I was so glad that Berry and her brother are safely off the streets and in warm houses instead of out in that wind. Thank you for the work CC4C does.”

With patience, Berry has blossomed and is very well loved by Jingo and her human!

“It’s true that I love the really friendly kitties, but I love Berry like crazy, and she isn’t exactly a lap jumper to start with. I feel so lucky and grateful to have her. She lights up my life! And when she plays with me it is adorable! She just looooves to play, but she bats at me in this delicate, dainty way. It is adorable!”



Henry continued at my house– full of personality, a huge purr, tail up and confident! He watched other foster kitties get adopted — Pepper and Hewy — and another one come in — Izzy Heart. Despite his handsome looks, it took a couple of months for his forever home to find him. He started getting fussy at adoptions, so I put him on a leash and harness– and he loved it! I took some video and — magic — got several calls and e-mails quickly! Thanks to him, he also got Sprout and Midnight their forever homes.

And the best gift of all is when I get the follow-up that he truly has found his forever home…

“Henry and Ringo are now playing together and they had their 1st meal this evening. Henry is sleeping next to me on the couch right now.  He’s such a sweet kitty.  We just love him so much and I think he makes Ringo very happy too.”



And thank you to all our friends on Facebook who have followed Henry’s journey, along with my other foster kitties since I plastered them up there all the time! Happy Holidays to all!

Serena Finds Her Forever Home – July 2013

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Happy adoption update…

I put Rina (Serena) in the smaller bedroom yesterday. I got home and pulled her out from under the bed and held her and patted her and talked to her as I have been doing. Then I left and went back an hour later, and just sat on the floor and talked, AND she came out on her own. She went from under one bed to under the other and rubbed against my legs each way. I went back to see her right before bed and she came out and rolled around wanted to be patted. I am happy that she is starting to realize that I am safe.

Heidi knows Serena is there. Last night, Heidi brought her stuffed animals upstairs as she normally does (she has 3), but instead of bringing them to my bedroom, she left them outside the bedroom that Serena is in. I don’t know what that means, but I thought it was funny.


Rescue Cat Becomes Dog’s Best Friend

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One day, one of CC4C’s feeders went to feed her ferals. She was feeding in a field that she regularly visits and saw something scurry under the bushes. There she saw three kittens–so she ran to get her trap and trapped them all and luckily found an available foster home where they could be cared for. However, one of the kittens, Ayla (aka Hudson), was not doing well in the foster home, so Pam, the feeder, brought him back with her and started working with him and in no time at all–he turned into a big love! He was adopted soon after and CC4C recently received an update on Hudson and his new family.

“We lost touch with you after we adopted Hudson (Ayla), but I wanted to let you know just how much we all love him. As you can see in the attached photos, Ruckus and Hudson are inseparable. What a wonderful pair of buddies they are. Hudson has developed into just a great cat. He is quite tall, long, and lean, and very beautiful and affectionate. He spends a great deal of time trying to get Ruckus to chase and play with him. When Ruckus goes outside, Hudson sits at the door and cries for him until he comes back in.  One time when I took both of them to the vet together, Ruckus totally dug his heels in and would not go with the technician until they came back and got Hudson and took them back together. TOTALLY BONDED!

I hope all is well in your world. Hopefully, we can get together sometime so you can see Hudson again. We really do love him. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.”


Bubba & Boo – Find the perfect home

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Bubba and Boo came to CC4C in 2011–trapped from two different locations. They came together under one roof in their foster home and became fast friends. It took over a year to find the right place for them, trying to keep them together. Then, one lucky day–a wonderful couple came to the adoption site, and Bubba and Boo found their forever home! A year later, on Christmas, we heard from Bubba and Boo’s adoptive parents about how they are doing …..

“Happy Holidays! The boys run the house and I agree that they are precious. We love them dearly. We do “turkey mouse” in the morning where they get some turkey breast. They sleep between my legs every night and in the morning Boo licks Bill’s head. Bill seems to think that if Boo kept getting beat up when he was a runt that the leg up might be a sign of submission.

He still does it a lot and it is hilarious.

They do their little wrestling thing every day. Boo comes up and “rides” Bubba until Bubba has had enough and then lays on top of Boo where all you can see are his back legs. Bubba loves the little rubber balls that I bought. When the guys are not batting them around the floor, Bubba carries them in his mouth. He actually “fetches”! He follows me around like a puppy and never wants to be too far away. He also LOVES his belly rubs. So do I. Bubba is now around 18 pounds and Boo is 12, so I hope that they are now fully grown! They still act like kittens though.

Thank you for choosing us to adopt the two.  They are the best!”


This is our story… a testimonial from Samantha

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My name is Samantha.  I have three amazing and wonderful cats, two of whom I adopted from CC4C. 

This is our story…

My first kitty was rescued from an animal hoarder.  Fiona was a nine year old sweetheart forced to live with nine other cats and five dogs.  She was fighting for food and clean water every day.  When I rescued her, she was incredibly anxious and scared.  She would even over groom herself to the point where her skin would bleed.Fiona

Over the course of about a year, she and I slowly began to accept each other into our lives.  I was finishing my last year of college and had a pretty stressful time myself.  She became attached at my hip and our routine life eventually calmed her down (and me too!).  I figured that because she was so sensitive, I would never successfully introduce another animal into my house.

After about six more months, I first saw Homer at the Petco in Walnut Creek.  CC4C was having adoptions that day.  He was a small, white kitty with a few black markings and beautiful eyes.  He was around 6 mos. old and was with his sister, Sally.  I left that day and could not stop thinking about that pretty little man!  After a really long week, I decided that I had to at least try and see what Fiona could handle.  I went the next weekend to adopt Homer.

He and Fiona did not get along at first.  I kept them separated for a long time; they both seemed happy without each other.  Although Homer was very curious, Fiona just didn’t act like she had the time or energy for a young, spunky kitten.  As time went on, the two learned to tolerate each other, but never became close friends.

After I adopted Homer, I learned that one of my co-workers was a part of CC4C.  Dana and I hadn’t ever really spoken at work until she found out that I adopted Homer.  He and the CC4C organization were the foundation of our friendship.  Dana does a lot of work in our community fostering, fixing, and loving rescue cats and ferals.  After about another year, I  confided in her that one day I’d like to adopt special needs cats; I felt like it was my calling.

It was through Dana that I then learned about Polly.  She emailed me a couple pictures and said “You’ve got to check this little one out.  I think you would be perfect for each other”.  So I took the bait.  I looked at her photos and read a sweet bio about a four month old, blind polydactyl.  She was the sweetest little thing!  She suffered from a severe infection as a kitten.  Her whole litter was found under a bush, teeming with bacteria (one of her brothers didn’t make it, the infections were that bad). With complete corneal damage in one eye and a deformation in the other, she was going to need a little bit of extra care.  I fell in love almost instantly.  She was the smallest in the litter as well, such a fighter!   Needless to say, she came home with me after we met.

The best part of the story is: Polly has brought Fiona and Homer together in a way I never thought possible.  All three of my cats sleep together, groom each other, and play together.  My tiny, blind kitten (who plays and eats and walks as if she has no disability!) has bonded my anxious old lady and my hyper young kitty.  Homer and Polly are best pals and love chasing each other!  When Homer moves too quickly and Polly loses sense of him, he chirps for her so that she can continue the game.  Fiona grooms everyone like they were her own.

It just goes to show that adopted animals can be the greatest companions.  Three is not a crowd in my home!  I never thought that my animals would be this close, living in a happy and healthy house with each other.  I am so blessed to have each of them in my life.  Our community is blessed to have CC4C, working tirelessly to find these animals the love and prosperity they truly deserve.  Thank you so much to each of you that helped and facilitated both of my adoptions. 

I don’t know what I’d do without my furry babies!

Missing cat–found healthy, safe and happy

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This is a story from a woman who contacted CC4C through our hotline. We get many desperate phone calls daily about abandoned, homeless cats; injured cats; unwanted cats; people relocating; but this was a “happy endings” story thanks to a concerned citizen who cared about a lost cat …

“On a recent Sunday afternoon, an unbelievably emaciated, matted, weak cat hobbled up to my neighbor and me and asked for help. What was I to do?  I had to take her home. I have two other cats, so she lived in my bathroom for a week.  I bought expensive RX cat food for her. She ate 24 hours a day. She purred, a good sign. I called rescue groups, including CC4C and the East Bay SPCA. I searched Craigslist. I spoke with my neighbors. I looked for flyers on phone polls and in the window of the local market.

I contacted so very many cat rescue groups and CC4C was the only one to offer hope, encouragement and real, on the ground help, whatever it might be. Just the offer and the personal concern made a profound difference. The other groups could learn a lot from your compassion, tenacity, and interpersonal skills. I’ve spent the past year and a half dealing with breast cancer and unemployment. The stress was killing me. This was additional stress that I simply wasn’t equipped to handle emotionally, physically, financially.

Kay called and told me of a vet that would test the lost cat for Feline Leukemia and HIV. Before leaving for the vet, knowing that it could be her last afternoon, I took the kitty in my arms and sat in the sun. She purred. And then she perked up. I rose with her still in my arms and, like a feline Geiger counter, she perked up more, leading me down the street —to a flyer on a garden gate. The flyer had been posted that afternoon, a Thursday, and on it was a photo of the cat in my arms. The cat in the photo was in somewhat better shape but it was her, unmistakably so. It read:

Missing Cat: ‘Daisy lives on the corner of Washington and Scenic. She has been missing since Saturday morning. She is very old and ill. If you have seen her please contact us.’

My downstairs neighbor, Susan and I walked through the garden and up a flight of stairs where Daisy’s owner, Elisa, opened the door and burst into tears. Daisy is very old and frail. She eats all day without gaining weight and her fur is terribly matted due to her hyperthyroid condition. She really does look like she’s been trapped in a garage for 6 weeks.  She’s a character, she’s spunky, and she gets around, apparently, although my neighbors and I had never met her before.

It was the best outcome. We were all stunned. We were all in tears.

The next morning, my neighbor Susan knocked on my front door and said “Look who’s here.”  It was Daisy.  She strolled in, hobbled through the house, into my kitchen, and before I could stop her she ate my cat Boo’s breakfast.  I carried her back home.  She returned five times that day …

Thank you, Laura and Kay and everyone at CC4C, from the bottom of my heart.”

xo Sally

Gigi – Adopted 03/02/13

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As soon as CC4C received a hotline call about a Calico cat that was starving and falling down near Concord Feed—a CC4C member immediately sprung into action. After searching for three days, the Calico was finally spotted on the Iron Horse Trail. The member brought food and water to the same location every night for two weeks, and when the cat finally trusted the volunteer enough to be petted—she ran home and returned with a carrier. That night, she bathed her and found she was covered head to toe in fleas. The following morning she saw the Calico was very sick—trying desperately to urinate and bleeding—and rushed her to the veterinarian. An X-ray revealed bladder lining was abnormally thick with swelling and scarring. The vet commented that she likely had had a severe bladder infection for many months and could have died. But after two weeks of antibiotics, lots of water mixed in with wet food, and an IV drip every day for a week—she improved remarkably. Gigi is a beautifully sweet, loving, trusting cat up for adoption who never wants to be abandoned and homeless again.

Gigi was adopted on March 2, 2013!

Simba – Adopted 12/2010

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While trying to trap two other unfixed cats out in a field, a CC4C member instead trapped this beautiful big boy who had been hiding down inside a storm drain. She took him home and he immediately wanted to be petted and rubbed. The kitty was malnourished and alarmingly thin and dirty (nasty ticks!). Of all the strange coincidences … two weeks after being trapped, a co-worker approached his foster-mom at work with a couple “cat questions” because she’d never had a cat before but was thinking about it. Luckily for Simba, she took Simba home that same night and now his new owner says she’s been converted into a “crazy cat lady” she adores him so much (Although, if you only have one, you truly can’t be a crazy cat lady!).

Update from December 2012: I still keep in touch with my co-worker, now retired, and she recently e-mailed this to me:

Two years ago, this evening, my mom came to see me.  I was one lucky cat & she took me home that night.  I still hate the car.  You knew that I was “perfect” for her.  She spoils me…I deserve it.  Thank you, Dana, for taking me to you house.  I didn’t really like  living in a field.

Luv, Ari (aka Simba)

Update from December 2013:

Happy Anniversary to Ari.  Hard to believe it was three years ago that I was looking at an orange cat that was sitting under your coffee table.

Thank you Dana for being “the cat lady” that talked me into getting a cat.  He’s such a love, a bit spoiled I must admit.  He brings me so much happiness!