Chance – adopted October 2012

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This is long overdue for me to write… 2012 was a challenging year for me– three very sick cats all at the same time, at my work.

Boots was very sweet and friendly but had litter box issues and was unadoptable. She came down with the signs of an upper respiratory — congested, weepy eyes, harsh breathing. I scooped her up from work, took her home and gave her some antibiotics for two weeks, which seemed to clear it up, so I put her back out.

About the same time, co-workers at our warehouse called to say a one-eyed black cat had shown up. I wasn’t in a position to take her home with me and she seemed to settle in with my co-workers fine– they set up a litter box, food, water, and a bed for her, and she’d hang out on top of the counter by the computer. They named her Winky. Her eye socket looked fine– not sure when or how they eye was lost.

Boots came down with symptoms again but avoided me, so I asked another feeder to grab her on the weekend. I was off hiking in Yosemite, but she called to say she got Boots and would take her to the vet– and there was a new cat, orange, skinny, and limping, probably with a broken leg!

When I returned to work on Monday, I went over to the feeding sight, was able to scruff him and put him in a carrier. I called Montecito and asked for an emergency appointment– and they squeezed us in between other clients. Dr. March confirmed he had a broken leg and told me to bring him back the next day and they’d do the surgery immediately. I blogged all this on Facebook, as I tend to do, and asked friends to suggest a name… and that is how Chance got his name.

Chance right after his surgery to pin his broken leg bones together.

Chance right after his surgery to pin his broken leg bones together.

Chance only weighed 7 lbs and both bones in his leg were broken clean through. Dr. March told me they had lapped over each other and she had to pull them back into alignment and pin them to heal properly. Chance was so skinny, I think I fed him 4 cans of wet food a day plus left kibble in with him all day. He was confined to a cage for the first month to keep him off his leg so it would heal properly. Then I let him have the bedroom, and he’d hop around on three legs. Despite everything he’d been through, Chance was a total love with a big purr who loved to be petted and snuggle. He was still playful and would bat a mouse around the room with his bum leg. He couldn’t put weight on it because of the pin, which was removed after two months and a few x-rays to make sure it was healing properly.

Once the pin was out, I let him get use to that then started letting him out in the rest of the house. It took him about two weeks to realize he could put his leg down. He loved to play, would wrestle with my cats, snuggle with me on the couch. Such a good boy!

The second weekend at the adoption site– his forever family walked in! They wanted an orange tabby and friendly. They had an older female cat who was a bit uppity and not very affectionate. Chance, on the other hand, loves attention and would hop into my lap to stretch out for a nap. They had a big dog– a 2 year old bull mastiff (HUGE) who was very sweet. Chance played rough with my cats so I figured he needed to go home with a big cat or a dog– so he got a big dog instead. Took him a couple of months to get comfortable with Tabitha (who just wanted to lick him). The last picture I saw was Chance, cozied up sleeping against her tummy, while Tabitha was sprawled on her side.

Chance got a Second Chance thanks to CC4C!
Happily playing!

Happily playing!

Chance sleeping in a basket, healed, feeling great!

Chance sleeping in a basket, healed, feeling great!

Roxie – adopted October 2013

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Roxie was abandoned outside the animal shelter in the parking lot. A  CC4C member, Kris, rescued her from there and another member, Kay, fostered her. Kris Z. Kay had her for several months…

She was so shy (and would strike and nip) so no way could she go to adoptions. After months of work she really mellowed (but continued to duck and squint if you approached her).  Now she loves pets and especially belly rubs, but still does not like to be held.  So she became the featured kitty in Gary’s column and I got one call.

This lady came out and she watched from my patio (a long ways away) while I picked up Roxie and put her in my lap and gave her some pets. She quietly walked up, but as Roxie saw her approach she darted off my lap to her bed. She stared at Sue with huge frightened eyes (a gorgeous blue/green) and Sue just melted and said, “I think she belongs with me in a forever home.”

However she only wanted to take her as a foster at that time because she was concerned that maybe Roxie would not be happy with her. Needless to say I was thrilled to see Roxie get out of my enclosure as she had been living there for months. Jane and I would sometimes let her roam in my yard and then grab her and put her back. (This led to some hilarious incidences with Jane flying over the fence on a couple of occasions.)

I can’t remember exactly, but this all happened probably a year ago. I kept in touch with Sue and she was making very slow progress with Roxie (as I had done myself). She loves Roxie and needed a sitter for 3 months. She was willing to return Roxie and understood that Roxie would “be available for adoption” and by the time she returned she might not be able to adopt Roxie. She shared all this while crying.

I said I would take care of Roxie for her, but was a little concerned she might not return for her. I asked Kris what could we do with Roxie if Sue changed her mind. Kris said the only alternative she could think of was to return Roxie to a feral population (no way for me I was already hooked on her) or try to find her a home (very slim chance of that). But as it turned out Sue kept in touch with me via phone, e-mail and even made a few visits to Roxie (at which time she acted like a little brat of course!). Every time though Sue would have tears in her eyes and ask if I had found another home for her and I reassured her that I was only babysitting HER cat.

Well, on her last call she was so excited that she would be picking up her baby on Oct 1st.

The two were happily reunited!

A “Less Than Perfect Pet”

Posted in: Second Chances- Dec 12, 2011

On the CC4C website we have a link that allows people to send us emails. They can ask general questions, report strays or ferals, or in the case below, share a happy ending with us.

This is what we received:

One Eyed Jack
Lucky became one-eyed Jack… and totally loved!

“Hi. We adopted a cat named Lucky about 7 years ago when we lived in Moraga, CA. He had an eye removed and had feline herpes in the other eye. I just wanted to let somebody know that he is still with us and we’ve moved from Washington State to Connecticut now. He is getting older and has a little bit of a limp but he’s a very happy, very healthy old man and we still love him very much. He was truly the underdog and life had not been kind to him when your organization received him, but I can’t begin to tell you how pampered and well taken care of he is. You may wonder what becomes of some of these cats and I thought I would share it with you. He has only his one good eye now and over time it too will go completely blind but he gets around the house just fine, comes into the garden with me and follows me like a dog! He sleeps on my daughter’s bed at night and we carry him up and down the stairs! Anyway, we renamed him to ‘One-Eyed-Jack’ when we adopted him, but he truly is ‘Lucky’!”

So naturally, we had to respond …

“THANK YOU so much for this email! This is exactly the kind of stuff we love to hear, especially when it’s about the “Lucky” cats like yours. We’re also glad to hear that you took him with you. We get lots of emails these days from people willing to surrender their cats just because they have to move or relocate. Your story is truly heart-warming and again, we are glad to receive it.”

And it became correspondence …

“Thanks! Glad to be able to share it with you. I’ve thought so many times to get in touch and let someone know because I can’t help but think if it were me I’d always wonder. He’s asleep in front of the heater on the rug half laying on my feet right now (his favorite thing is being in front of the heater!). He’s a happy guy and although we knew he’d lose his sight completely at some point, it didn’t stop us from adopting him. He has the best personality! He follows us all around like a dog–me in particular because I’m at home with him all day.

Anyway, we are thankful for him and I would encourage others to consider a pet that’s “less than perfect.”

Happy holidays to you all and thanks for this little guy :-)

So now we share this with you, in hopes that even just one or two readers will think about someone else they know, and share it with someone they know, and maybe just maybe another one or two of our less than perfect cats might find the home they so deserve.

Thanks for thinking about it. See you at adoptions!

Pretty Boy – Adopted 6/2011

Posted in: Second Chances- Jun 20, 2011


Pretty Boy was abandoned in an industrial area many years ago with his food dish! Thankfully, several ladies were already caring for the other abandoned cats and fed him and got him fixed. Earlier this year, he began to eat less and they worried about his teeth. I started working with CC4C 2 years ago because I was saddened by seeing new cats dumped here. I took him home with me and had dental work done for him. Unfortunately, he also tested FIV+, which means I really needed to find him an indoor home where he’d be safe.

Since he’s been outside for over 5 years, a home was daunting for him. He would hide under the bed during the day, but would sleep on top of it at night when I could go in and pet him. He’d purr, and roll around, happy as ever to be loved again. He just needed time and patience.

A wonderfully patient gentleman adopted him on the Maddie’s Fund weekend. He wanted an older companion cat– which is exactly what Pretty Boy will be once he adjusts. His new adopter has been bribing him with turkey and pastrami. I am so happy that a compasionate person came along to give Pretty Boy a second chance at a better, safer, and happier life.

Piev, the 3-Legged Boy, Found the Perfect Home

Posted in: Second Chances- May 24, 2011

Piev hopped into a member’s backyard one cold, wet, rainy night in winter looking for food. Noticing that something was very wrong with his hind leg, a CC4C member set out to trap him. After three nights of feeding, she succeeded and the next day, a visit to the vet revealed that he had an old injury that left his hind leg badly broken in several places and it had healed improperly.

Piev was full of fleas, dirty, had Bordetella (more common in dogs), and was covered in pink “mast” cells due to living outside in the sun and being a mostly all-white cat. All pre-cancerous mast cells were removed; he received antibiotics for the Bordetella; was bathed, de-flead, de-wormed, vaccinated and neutered—and was practically a new cat!

In October 2012, Piev was finally adopted after over two years living with his rescuer, by a wonderful woman in Oakland. She was looking for a “special needs” cat that needed a home that would provide an abundance of love and attention. She understands Piev’s limitations and in order to provide for his special needs–has moved her chairs next to windows so Piev can look outside at life going by–like he loves to do so much. She’s purchased several cat beds, to provide comfort wherever and whenever he wants to rest, and brushes him every morning before going to work, because Piev doesn’t have the ability to scratch himself–so she does it for him.

We’re so happy that Piev has found the perfect home and we wish him all the best!