I need to re-home my cat—what should I do?

See above post on surrendering a cat. Additionally: Reach out and network with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or other community members to search for a new home. Post flyers in the community organizations you frequent—if allowed such as your church, community center, pet store, veterinarian, etc. Post on Craigslist (see above warning!) or other Internet website. Provide a picture, request a re-homing fee, name, age, breed, color, describe any special needs, and a good description of their personality to create interest in your cat.

If you have a purebred or breed-specific cat, you may wish to locate a rescue group that serves that breed (such as Pacific Siamese Rescue or Main Coon Adoptions). Be prepared to continue housing and providing for your cat until a new home can be found.

The East Bay SPCA has an owner-surrender program. For more information, please g oto www.eastbayspca.org.