Cat Costs

Getting a new cat is exciting, but before you find your perfect cat, you may want to know what the lifetime costs are associated with his care. It’s important to be aware of and prepared for the financial responsibility of having a cat. Below is an estimate of annual expenditures.

Item Annual Cat Costs
Food1 $100-500
Recurring Medical (& Checkup)2 $75-180
Toys/Treats $25
Litter3 $50-200
Health Insurance4(opt) $175
Miscellaneous $50
Annual Total $300-1,130
Initial Costs  
Litter Box $30
Scooper $10
Cage/Carrier Bag $45
Scratching Post $25
Cat Bed / Pad $30
Total $140
CC4C Provided  
Spay/Neuter $150 (average cost)
Other initial medical5 $150 (can be far more)
Vaccinations $20
Deworming $10
Defleaing $10
Total $350


1 Premium brand wet and dry cat food

2 Annual medical exam and possible FVRCP vaccination (every 3 years); and possible medical problem that might require a vet check and medical treatment

3 Scoopable cat litter, scooped daily

4 Insurance coverage varies; annual deductible also varies – this is optional

5 CC4C provides a FeLV testing; and provides treatment when necessary depending on the cat’s health at the time